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•  The Mind Game of Basketball. Book by Nico Bourgade, foreword by Greg Graber.

•  Interview with Greg on “After Further Review” (Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Alexandria)

•  Mindfulness O.G.

Greg on the Anxious Baller Podcast

•  Greg on the Rice University Basketball Radio Show

(Greg’s segment starts at the 38-minute mark)

•  Greg being interviewed on Live at 9 television program about meditation and mindfulness

•  Greg on Think Big with Michael Zellner

•  Greg on The Mind Game of Basketball Podcast from Paris, France

•  Greg being interviewed about his work with college and pro athletes on The Grizz Weekly Grind Podcast

•  Greg on the Speak Your Truth Podcast


•  Greg’s Work With LSU Basketball, featured in the Times Picayune (New Orleans)

•  Greg interviewed by the New York Times as a thought leader on the “Shopping Cart Theory

• Greg's Mindfulness Tips for children to stay calm and centered, The Memphis Business Journal

• Greg Graber Bringing Slow Your Roll Mindfulness to Hailey, Idaho


• Greg Graber on March Sadness in the Lexington, Kentucky Herald Leader


• Greg Graber on Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness with Amanda Johnson on the Chime In with AWJ Podcast

• Remembering Chris Jarman, article from The Memphis Flyer

•  Mindfulness Meditation is for Everybody, an article by Greg Graber


•  What is Mindfulness?


•  Dr. Daniel Siegel explains what Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is, what its effects are, and how the research supports its practice.


•  Anxiety among students is higher than ever according to Psychology Today – mindfulness can help.


•  This Harvard Business Review Article acknowledges the hype around mindfulness but also demonstrates the real physical ways in which mindfulness practice changes the brain.


•  Greg’s work with LSU’s basketball team


•  New York Times article about Greg’s work with the VCU basketball team


•  Greg has presented at the Harvard Graduate School of Education on mindfulness as well.


•  Greg has appeared on Coach Josh Pastner’s Television Show speaking about mindfulness.


•  Greg can also be heard on ESPN Radio!

• Greg’s insights on the benefits of workplace mindfulness in the HR Professionals Magazine

• Greg on the Value of Mindfulness on Shreveport, LA radio interview

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