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When A Mindful Moment Becomes So Much More (by Lauren Stallings)

(Lauren is our dance teacher at Lausanne Collegiate School. I thought you would enjoy her beautiful narrative about of one of our mindful moments. Enjoy! - Greg):

When A Mindful Moment Becomes So Much More

At the beginning of each middle school class, we practice mindfulness by closing our eyes and focusing on our breathing. We breathe in for five counts, hold our breath at the top for one count and then exhale for seven counts.

Today, I began by counting in Spanish for the first time and then switched to French for our second breathing sequence. When I was finished, without my prompting, one of the girls quietly began counting for us in Mandarin. Which inspired a second girl to count in Hungarian. And a third girl to count in Portuguese. Then Arabic. And finally Hindi.

In. One. Class. Of 11 students.

I'm so grateful to be exactly where I am with the people I'm with. I know I couldn't experience anything so beautiful at any other school in Memphis.

When we opened our eyes, the girls all had the biggest smiles on their faces and I had to turn away from them because I was crying.

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