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Ten Questions to Ponder When the Election is Over

I don't have any answers here. Only questions. This is for my sake as much as yours.

  1. Do I spend too much time trying to convince other people that my views are correct and their views are wrong? There is a great saying that resonates with me on this subject, "Self care is not arguing with people who are committed to misunderstanding you."

  2. Do I respond or react to things that aren't worth my time? With a little practice, we can be disciplined about what we respond to. Not everyone or everything deserves our time, attention, and energy.

  3. Do I "hate scroll" people or sites on social media that I do not like? I am not sure why many of us do this. Perhaps we are addicted to the conflict or aggravation.

  4. Am I using political scrolling on social media or the internet as an "emotional pacifier" to sooth or distract me from "the great big real world" that exists outside of cyberspace?

  5. Are my social media accounts "echo chambers," where I only connect to people who share my same views? This would get boring. Plus, there's no room for growth here.

  6. Do I prowl social media and internet sites for the mere purpose of validating my pre-existing beliefs? Confirmation bias is real.

  7. Am I connected to individuals on social media who spew toxicity and hate, but remain connected to them because they are family members or beloved friends? This is tough. When do you cut the cord?

  8. Do I spend too much on my electronic devices? Perhaps I could spend more time creating instead of consuming.

  9. Do I get out in the world and make a difference based on my beliefs as much as I post about them on social media? Posting is great. Action is better.

  10. Are my posts on social media thoughtful, or do I merely repost memes or copy and paste others' thoughts? Critical thinking skills are a lost art in today's accelerated culture.

Greg Graber, the author of Slow Your Roll- Mindfulness for Fast Times, teaches mindfulness and Social & Emotional (SEL) skills to schools, top sports teams, and various organizations around the world. Graber, a frequent keynote speaker, currently serves as the Director of SEL at Lausanne Collegiate School. He may be contacted through his website:

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