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One Year Anniversary of Slow Your Roll Book & Second Book info.

It's funny how time flies. One year ago today, my debut book, Slow Your Roll- Mindfulness for Fast Times, was named Amazon's #1 New Release in Sports Psychology. This happened just shortly just after its release. As you can imagine, I was thrilled, even if it is not a sports psychology book! The primary focus of this book was to help people in all walks of life to enhance the quality of their lives by incorporating straight forward, no-nonsense mindfulness practices into their daily lives. I was shocked by the instant success of the book. Even more important, it warms my heart to hear how much the book has helped folks when I give presentations, book talks, and trainings in places far and near. Thank you all for this. Your support has been overwhelming. We are just getting started.

When it first started the process, I envisioned a Slow Your Roll trilogy. At this point, I still do. I have started writing another "mindfulness self-help/how-to" book, and I envision that the third book in the series will be a novel about mindfulness and self-redemption (tentatively called "The Empty Mall').

The second book that I have started writing is titled "Slow Their Roll- Teaching Mindfulness to Kids." I am writing this book for several reasons. Not to sound cheesy, but children are our future. I have read in several places that six year-olds laugh an average of 300 times per day, compared to adults, who average between 15-100 times per day. Then something along the way in our accelerated culture inevitably happens, because once-happy kids often become anxiety-ridden anxious teens. Sadly, this is illustrated by teen depression and suicide rates reaching all-time highs.

If we want a more compassionate, happy, functional, and mindful society, we must work with our children on this. This is what the gist of the second book will be about. For this go-around, I am bringing on a fellow educator as my

co-author, Lauren Huddleston. You will hear more about her in the coming months. While we do not want to rush the process of writing the book by setting a definitive release date, we anticipate an early 2020 release ( Sometime after the New Year and before Spring). Once again, my friend, Timber Hawkeye, the best selling author of Buddhist Bootcamp, will serve as the book's publisher.

As always, thank you for the support. Together we can make this world a more mindful place. Hit me up anytime I may be of service.

Slow Your Roll,


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