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What's The Deal with Fan Misbehavior at Recent NBA Games?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this blog article asking if the recent uptick of aggressive and uncivil behaviors from airlines passengers is a result from some people suffering trauma from the fear and isolation brought on by the pandemic:

In the last week or so, we have seen similar maladaptive behaviors from some NBA fans across the nation: spitting at players, throwing projectiles at them on the court, hurling racial epithets at them and their families in the stands, dumping popcorn on their heads, etc. etc.

While it could be argued that this type of unacceptable behavior from fans has always transpired, it would be hard to argue that it has ever occurred at this frequency.

Is this type of anti-social, violent behavior the new norm in our society? What's the cause? What's the solution? I would love to hear your thoughts on this? Feel free to email me at

Greg Graber, the author of Slow Your Roll- Mindfulness for Fast Times, teaches mindfulness and Social & Emotional (SEL) skills to schools, top sports teams, and various organizations around the world. Graber, a frequent keynote speaker, currently serves as the Director of SEL at Lausanne Collegiate School. He may be contacted through his website:

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