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Best Practices for Your Child's Distance Learning During the Coronavirus Shut-Down

Virtually every school in the nation is shut-down down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many have transitioned to online learning platforms. Here are a few tips to support your children during this difficult time. Hopefully this mindful approach will also increase the peace in your household.

· Minimize your child’s temptation to be distracted by the comforts of home by having a designated study space in a centralized location of your home.

· Encourage your child to start his or her lessons of the day with their least favorite subjects(s). It is nice to “get it over with” early, and have something to look forward to later in the day.

· Have your child take study breaks often, IE, get up and move around and get outside frequently.

· “Chunk” the subjects/classwork work into manageable bite-sized pieces.

· Children (especially boys) will want to rush through their work so they can start playing video games. You want to limit the time you allow them to play video games and use their electronic devices.

· Encourage them to reach out to their classmates and teachers. As humans we are hardwired for social interaction. Virtual interaction isn’t as good, but it is better than none at all.

· Some downtime can be used for journaling. It gives them an opportunity to process their thoughts and feelings during this difficult time. In addition, it presents an opportunity to document this experience and work on the writing skills even more.

· Ask them to remember to do their “Mindful Moments.” 5-1-7 is our favorite. This important emotional regulation exercise will help lessen their anxieties and angst. In addition, it will assist them in getting focused and centered.

· Make sure they are drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep.

· Monitor their consumption of news and social media. Too much time on their devices is not good for their developing brains.

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